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Is It Safe to Take Testosterone?

By |2016-12-20T16:11:16-05:00August 28th, 2016|Brain Science|

There’s no question that testosterone can be a great help to the aging brain and the aging body. It can boost muscle strength, help brain power, and even decrease chronic pain. But is it safe to use? For a full review of this subject, I recommend our Special Report Maximum Manhood. But some new studies [...]

Does Exercising Your Brain Do any Good?

By |2016-09-14T01:23:03-04:00August 24th, 2016|Lifestyle|

These days, a lot of people will tell you, “I do puzzles to keep my brain sharp.” But have you ever wondered if those endless crosswords and Sudokus actually make a difference in reducing “senior moments”… and possibly even dementia? Scientists from Tel Aviv University have recently uncovered the answer … continue reading to find [...]

Half of us Lack a Vital Mineral for Brain Health

By |2016-12-20T16:11:16-05:00August 12th, 2016|Brain Science|

How well your brain works depends on how well your synapses work. The synapses are the places where the brain’s neurons communicate with each other. As research shows, the reliability and efficiency of these communications depend on abundant levels of a certain mineral. And it just so happens that about half of us are dangerously [...]

Ancient Herb is Superior to Alzheimer’s Drugs

By |2016-12-20T16:11:16-05:00August 10th, 2016|Natural Health|

The club moss plant (Huperzia serrata) has been used for centuries in Chinese folk medicine. Now an extract of this plant is showing great promise as a remedy for those suffering mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. It works in a similar way to some of the drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s patients, and yet appears [...]

Eating This Fruit Makes Your Mind Sharper

By |2016-12-20T16:11:16-05:00August 8th, 2016|Nutrition|

The idea of protecting your brain with a tasty snack food may sound far-fetched. But research into the health benefits of a tiny, delicious fruit demonstrates that this morsel can appeal to both your brain and your taste buds. Considered a delight since ancient times, grapes are proving their mettle in a growing body of [...]

Easy Tip Prevents Alzheimer’s 3 Ways – For Free

By |2016-12-20T16:11:16-05:00August 6th, 2016|Lifestyle|

Defeating Alzheimer’s disease is a complicated puzzle, but scientists have recently cracked one more piece of the AD code. And it might be one of the easiest ways ever to protect yourself from memory loss and dementia. Scientists have always known that sleep is an essential function of the human body, necessary for everything from [...]

People Who Meditate Have More Gray Matter

By |2016-12-20T16:11:16-05:00August 3rd, 2016|Lifestyle|

What do you think of when you picture researchers hard at work trying to find possible cures and treatments for Alzheimer’s? Powerful drugs with harmful side effects? Exotic herbs growing on remote mountaintops in South America? Interestingly, a collection of researchers are investigating treatments for Alzheimer’s that don’t involve taking drugs, herbs or nutrients. Meditation [...]

Paint Your Bedroom and Improve Your Mood

By |2016-12-20T16:11:16-05:00August 1st, 2016|Lifestyle|

If you have difficulty concentrating, lack self-confidence or don’t sleep well. . .or if you want to be more creative, take more risks or even improve your physical strength…there may be a simple answer that you’d never imagine. It was practiced as a healing therapy in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India. Interior designers have [...]

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