Long Lost Treatment For Memory Loss… (And It’s As Close As Your Pantry)

By |November 25th, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

It often seems to me that modern medicine suffers from a bad case of amnesia when it comes to remembering important and effective traditional ways to treat disease. A great example is one forgotten natural way to help memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. [...]

The Earliest Sign of Dementia May Surprise You…

By |November 21st, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

The mainstream wants us to believe that the first signs of dementia have to do with your memory. They’ll tell you to look for memory misses like misplacing your keys… forgetting appointments… and leaving the store without your groceries. But they’ve got it wrong! New [...]

Are Your Prescriptions Giving You Dementia?

By |November 18th, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

By now you’re well aware that what you eat, how much you sleep, your activity level, and your genetic make-up can affect your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. And while you work hard to make smarter choices, there’s something else that can send your dementia risk [...]

Can This B Vitamin Stop Parkinson’s Disease?

By |November 14th, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

When you consume nicotinamide riboside, a compound related to niacin (vitamin B3), it can energize the neurons in your brain and help your memory stay sharper -- especially as you age. Added to that, some researchers have produced evidence that taking this supplement could possibly [...]

Cutting-Edge Brain Therapy Lifts Lagging Memory At Any Age

By |November 11th, 2022|Categories: Brain Science|

A brain training program using computers has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia in seniors. So has stimulating the brain with a mild electrical current. What would happen if doctors used both cutting-edge therapies together? That’s what researchers from the U.K., Italy and [...]

These Dementia Symptoms Detected Nine Years Prior to Diagnosis

By |November 7th, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

Alzheimer’s sets off on its destructive path decades before symptoms appear, spewing untold amounts of damage in the memory centers of the brain before the patient receives a diagnosis. Early detection would make a big difference for those suffering and their families. Now, that’s come [...]

Why Not Everyone With Brain Plaque Gets Alzheimer’s Disease

By |October 31st, 2022|Categories: Brain Science|

Reducing thick, sticky plaques made up of amyloid-beta proteins in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients has been the focus of scientists for decades. And yet, they have almost nothing to show for it-- removing those plaques doesn’t cure Alzheimer’s disease. A new study suggests a [...]

Fight Wrinkles And Anxiety At The Same Time

By |October 28th, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

When it comes to wrinkles, one of the first anti-aging treatments people try is Botox. Some Botox-users report that this injectable line-smoothing treatment helps them to feel better about themselves and boosts their confidence. But this isn’t the only reason Botox has such a positive [...]

What If Alzheimer’s Isn’t A Brain Disease? A Canadian Scientist’s New Discovery…

By |October 24th, 2022|Categories: Brain Science|

Has Dr. Donald Weaver lost his mind? How can he possibly suggest Alzheimer’s isn’t a brain disease? But hold on. What he’s saying about the cause of Alzheimer’s disease makes more sense than appears at first sight. Although the disease shows up in the brain, [...]

This Vitamin Can Calm An Anxious Brain

By |October 21st, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

If you’re feeling anxious and under stress in these challenging times, you’re certainly not alone. While there are several ways to naturally reduce stress and anxiety, a team of doctors believes one B vitamin should sit at the top of your list. Here’s the story… [...]

Are You Getting Enough Of This Memory-Boosting Nutrient?

By |October 17th, 2022|Categories: Nutrition|

For your brain to function at its best, it needs a crucial nutrient that allows its neurons to keep properly firing off their messages to one another. This nutrient is particulary important because it plays a key role in activities that go on in neuronal [...]

This Might Be The Easiest Way To Stop Dementia

By |October 14th, 2022|Categories: Nutrition|

If you’re anything like me, you’re doing everything possible to stop dementia before it starts. Especially if one of your close relatives suffered from Alzheimer’s leaving you at genetic risk for the disease. That’s why you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, never miss getting [...]

New Surprising Early Warning Sign Of Dementia

By |October 10th, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

For most of us, being diagnosed with dementia is our worst nightmare. Because mainstream medicine has yet to find a drug or therapy to cure this memory-robbing disease. But what if I told you there’s a clear warning sign that dementia could be in your [...]

Accentuate The Positive And Hold Onto Your Memory

By |October 7th, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

Remember that adage, “You’re as young as you feel”? Well, studies show that whoever coined this popular phrase was on to something. It turns out that your moods, feelings, and thoughts about aging do impact your health, ranging from the sharpness of your memory and [...]

The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s Disease

By |October 3rd, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

There’s a woman in Scotland who claims to be able to smell Parkinson’s disease on somebody’s skin years before physical and mental symptoms appear. And her remarkable gift has inspired scientists in the UK to develop a new test that might help to diagnose problems [...]

Eleven Memory-Boosting Nutrients Put To the Test

By |September 26th, 2022|Categories: Nutrition|

A lot has been written about how the right nutrients can help your brain stay in better shape as you get older. To test some of those claims, researchers in Europe spent two years investigating the results of a unique combination of some of today’s [...]

The Best Sedentary Activity For Your Memory

By |September 23rd, 2022|Categories: Natural Health|

We’ve long known that endless time spent watching mindless television is not exactly a recipe for good brain health.1 Now a new study underscores this notion, adding a caveat that what we do while we sit matters.2 In fact, researchers say that, when it comes [...]

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